Fighting Siblings? Theta Healing

So I have been watching my two children fight over everything!  Sound familiar…then through my journey of Theta Healing I realized that our subconscious minds have programs that run obligations.  I noticed my son coming in with a healers energy…I muscle tested him for some obligations that healers come in with…The obligation to teach, to have all the answers, to heal.  I also noticed a pattern of criticize his sister at every angle.  I muscle tested him to find out if this was an obligation.  YES!!  WOW…let see what happens when we release these obligations

Here is what I did:

I went to the creator of all that is and commanded and requested  unconditional love to be sent to my son

to be taught what it feels like to be worthy of the creators love

I commanded and requested that the obligations to teach, to have all the answers and to heal be cleared and released

I commanded and requested that the 1.) obligation to create criticism, be critical of others or to self be cleared and released..and also to release and clear the 2.) obligations of others to play the part in this program….  and clear and release 3.) his obligations to others to create criticism, be critical of others or to self.

Lets see if this works for the fighting in the household!  Keep ya posted!

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