I am Carie Jean,

I empower individuals to find their authentic expression of self. Coaching them to self heal, to bring awareness around their gifts, and for creating the life they desire using Innerwise and Theta Healing.

I am a graduate of UCSD with a BS in Biopsychology, I studied Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition at the CHEK Institute, and became a Birth Doula through DONA International. I have studied health and nutrition my entire adult life….but it wasn’t until my son was born that I discovered true health and wellness. The journey with my son led me down a path of severe eczema, asthma, and over 33 food allergies…WHAT???? How could someone who studied and practiced such a mainstream healthy lifestyle birth such a sick child? At that moment I decided something had to change. I started to question everything I was taught…..so I dove into 100’s of books, 1000’s of articles, talked to every alternative healthcare practitioner I could find. I had the proper nutrition in place but felt like there was a missing link to complete health and wellness. I was guided to energy work. I studied Reiki energy healing and explored the world of energy and vibration. The universe delivered the modality of healing using vibration called Quantum Healing Formulas…I was able to HEAL my son! He is now 9 years old and thriving. He has never had a pharmaceutical drug in his body and is a healthy strong young boy.

I was drawn to learn more and work with this modality so I headed back to school and became an Energy Analyst and Educator for Quantum Formulas. I wish everyone knew about these remedies..I believe this is the evolution of medicine. I was then guided to Theta Healing which I felt completed the circle of wellness. To change your subconscious programming so that we stop attracting illness and conflict in our lives. This has been a life changer for all of us.

I continued my education and exploration of “Frequency” healing using Quantum Formulas. I had a deep yearning that it wasn’t the whole story. In my search for answers I was lead to Innerwise®. This modality changed how I looked at life…it allowed me to see deeper into why we have illness in the physical body, how our children can be born with illness…How we need to take responsibility for our creations in life. Living our purpose will allow the joy and flow to come into focus, clearing all the illness and stagnation out. I became a mentor and coach for Innerwise® I found my true passion is to empower people, to mentor them to find the hidden path to healing themselves. It is all within us. We just need to remember how to access it. Check out my page for upcoming Innerwise® workshops and be empowered to heal yourself and your family. You will love the journey!

Health and Happiness,

Carie Jean