Hello, I am Carie Jean

I empower individuals to find their authentic expression of self. Coaching them to self-heal, to bring awareness to their gifts, and for creating the life they desire using a combination of Theta Healing and Frequency and a system that has channeled through me.

I am a graduate of UCSD with a BS in Biopsychology, I studied Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition at the CHEK Institute, and became a Birth Doula through DONA International. I have studied health and nutrition my entire adult life….but it wasn’t until my son was born that I had an awakening and discovered true health and wellness. A 9-year journey around my son’s health until I found my calling, my passion, my authentic self and ultimately healing for my son.

I have tried and studied many modalities of healing and energy work like we all have… only to find more work to do.  I decided to go inward. I began a practice of a daily power hour where I sit in silence…allowing my mind to go into that place of nothing.  This is where I discovered everything including myself.  And through this deep connection, I was able to trust in my own decisions, using universal knowledge, universal guidance.  Life began to flow with ease and grace…Answers came in for everything I needed.   My mastery flourished and gifts turned on.  I was guided away from the “Healer” role and into aligning business consciousness where I discovered a field I thrived in.  And through many business alignments, I started to communicate with these vast beings with no human suit and they taught me how the universe works and how it applies to this world we live in.  After proving my integrity in the quantum field, I was then given the formula or sequence to raise consciousness on the planet.  And Phase Alignment came to life!

Love and Light,

Carie Jean