Innerwise® European Phenomenon Uwe Albrecht, MD has brought 21st Century Diagnostics & Healing to the US

Innerwise® is a holistic healing system for every living being and it is working on all levels: physically, rythmically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritual and all other levels.

German physician Uwe Albrecht MD created Innerwise® as a result of feeling dissatisfied with the scope of possibilities offered by conventional medicine, and the hope to be able to create a kind of medicine that is more in tune with our present time. In developing innerwise, the great challenge was to find the essence of the various healing systems that had evolved in the history of humankind and to make it possible to apply this essence to humans in an easy and simple way; and from that basis, to apply it to everything else, be it animals, plants, teams, companies or organizations, or systems.

This beautiful healing system has helped me to create a high-quality life for myself and to live my soul purpose. I learned that symptoms are just a sign of your body crying for attention, that we are our own healer, that we only need help from a mentor on occasion and that we must take full responsibility for everything in our lives if we want to become whole and complete again.

What does an innerwise® session look like?

The purpose of an innerwise® session is to bring your body from chaos back to harmony. At the beginning of the session we will discuss what your wish for the session is. By using the Intutive Diagnostics by Innerwise and the Innerwise testcard system we will find the root cause of the symptom or blockage while communicating with your body by using the arm-length test.

Now you get harmonizing healing frequencies. These solve stagnant energies and allow your body to get back into balance so that the self-healing powers will be activated. If you stop what is causing you to have symptoms then those can go away.

During the session I will compose a unique healing symphony using high level frequencies. This unique healing symphony will support you after the session while you are making the necessary changes in your life.

I’m happy to be your Innerwise® coach and mentor.