Intro The Art of Frequency Healing

All illness starts in the energetic bodies…There are 7 levels before reaching the physical structure of the body. Come learn how to heal yourself using frequency. It’s your birthright and everyone can do it, you just have to remember how to access it. I’m here to guide you to the doorway and mentor you until you have full memory.

In this workshop we will anchor your divine purpose and awaken the knowledge for healing that already exists inside you. It is a birthright that has been hidden and it is time to awaken it. Learn how to access an entire healing system called Innerwise® and use these frequencies to find your authentic self and to begin the healing you are looking for. This system heals on all levels on the body and energetic fields.

Intro Healing for kids on the spectrum

Introducing Innerwise® to parents with children on the spectrum… or just families wanting to be healthier. Make informed decisions for the family based on the wisdom of the body. Empower yourself and your family to access this inner guidance system. Our children are here to teach us.
We will spend time learning and mastering:
Arms Length Test: This will allow you to tap in and access the body’s inner-wisdom. Asking questions like “Is this safe for me?”; “Will this benefit me?”; “Does this cause stress in my body?”; “is this necessary?”
Stress testing all supplements, medications, foods, household products, emotions and situations in your family.
Gain confidence and stop relying on what others say is good for you and find out what your body is asking for (Bio-individuality).
Meet Innerwise: an intelligent system of frequencies waiting to be accessed by you to heal yourself and your family.

Digging Deeper Series Point of Conception to Birth

 In this workshop we will dive in deep and travel back in time to explore any unseen stressors from the point of conception until the first breath of life. This is an interactive class using partners to muscle test with guided questions to get to the root of stressors that have been sitting in your field for many years.
We will walk through details such as the moment of conception when the sperm meets the egg, to each month in utero, anesthesia during birth, induced labor for mom and baby, oxygen deprivation, unwanted birth, separation from placenta…..just to name a few..
Many patterns we see in our life are based in this period of time. Here are a few you might relate to: Feeling inadequate or incompetent towards others in life; finding it challenging to receive love or nurturing even though we long for it; you may procrastinate or feel blocked in finishing projects; It may be hard for you to cope with others high expectations of you; you may often feel you must do things on your own without support; you may feel alone and often in fear of being in relationships; unable to hold clear loving boundaries for yourself. This list could go on for 5 pages. The idea is we are going to transmute these stressors using frequency and create a new future, a new trajectory in your life. There is no need to relive or walk through trauma…with our guided class you will identify specific stressors with a muscle test and transmute them on the spot.

Digging Deeper Series A Souls Path

In this workshop, we will explore the world of frequency and how our energy fields impact every aspect of our lives. When we understand frequency and discover truths about the most powerful aspect of our being, we can begin to heal aspects that have created blocks to our souls path. We will learn a few muscle testing techniques that will provide an answer to questions that impacted us even before our conscious mind could recall.
Specific topics that will be explored include the moment of conception did your original soul anchor at birth? How many ruptures are in your field? How many sources do you have working through you? Are you living in your authentic energy? How many manipulations are working through you that cause blocks in your life? We will create a connection in all dimensions to your authentic souls path.
By understanding the power of frequency healing and recognizing how manipulations can impact our fields, we become able to transmute any manipulation that we identify and create the authentic life we came here to live; Bringing clarity to our journey. Through this class you will not only learn about these topics, but you will also experience instant healing and reach the level of life you desire.